The Flavour of the tradition, respect for raw materials, their quality e their seasonality, united with a warm hospitality e the wide wine cellar are the characteristic of the Tartana



Tuna tartare aromatized with Hendrick’s gin, for Marco 

Prawns and red shrimps with tomato

Creamed codfish with olives, confit tomato and sour datterino cream

Tuna porchetta, potato cream and olives flavored with fennel, crispy guanciale

Cuttlefish tagliatelle, seaweed pesto, panzanella, avocado cream and crispy pistachios

Mackerel bread, mixed salad, mustard and orange

Gratin mussels

Mussels’ sautè

Fried anchovies with sour and spicy sauce


Dry passatello with shrimp, squid, zucchini and confit tomato

Tagliatelle with seafood according to our tradition

Spaghetti with clams

Spaghettone with anchovies 

Gnocco with swordfish amatriciana and crispy onion

Penne with vodka cooked our way (stracciatella, raw and cooked mazzancolla with its ragout)

Grilled shrimps, potato cube, celeriac cream and seasonal vegetables

Grilled sea bass, pepper cream and lettuce

Fried fish ‘for the hungry ones’

Spiedino with shrimps and squids

The small mixed grill: sardoncini, grilled mussels, sea bream fillet, spiedino and roasted potatoes

Sardoncino that ‘burns your finger’

Gratin mussels

Catch of the day

Stewed radish, dried fruit and balsamic

Grilled vegetables with carrot cream, aromatized with herbs 

Crunchy salad, leek, anchovy and walnut

Diced baked vegetables 

Seasonal vegetables

Roasted potatoes

Panzanella (balsamico, red onion, tomato and bread crunch)


Tortellini with parmesan cream

Ragout tagliatelle

Pasta with tomato sauce (spaghetti or gnocchi)

Schnitzel with potatoes

Tagliata with roasted potatoes



Millefeuille with mascarpone creamed salted caramel

Red berries cheesecake and fondant ganache

Warm nutella tart

Pistachios bavaroise, white chocolate and orange

Tartana Rocher