The Flavour of the tradition, respect for raw materials, their quality e their seasonality, united with a warm hospitality e the wide wine cellar are the characteristic of the Tartana



Whipped codfish, panzanella (bread salad) and crudaiola sauce (raw tomato sauce)

Focaccia toast, mackerel, pickled vegetables, mustard and orange

Grilled seafood salad, potatoes in vinegar and soft purée

Cuttlefish tagliatelle with tomatoes and Gazpacho sauce

Mussels sauté and bruschette

Fried anchovies with hot and sour sauce

Dry passatello shrimp, squid, courgettes brunoise and grilled tomato cream

Spaghettone with sarde (big anchovies) and herb bread crunch

Spaghetti with clams

Risotto and asparagus, raw and cooked prawns and mazzancolle, drops of sour cream

Gnocchi, swordfish amatriciana, onion flakes

Tagliatelle shellfish and mollusks

Tuna porchetta, broad bean and pecorino cream, crispy guanciale

Blanched squid, celery root purée, asparagus with lemon and Nori seaweed

Citrus sea bass fillet, cooked in fig leaf, with Italian chimichurri

Sardoncini ‘scottadito’  

Shrimp and squid skewer

Gratin mussels

Fritto del Ghiottone (fried fish and vegetables julienne, spineless)

Catch of the day

Oyster Tatihou n.4

Oyster Belon n.00

Oyster Gillardeau n.2

Red shrimp from Mazara

Blue shrimp from New Caledonia

Purple shrimp from Mazara

Atlantic shrimp (scampo)

Slightly marinated prawns and amberjacks, wild pepper cream and caviar


Fried potato chips

Gratin asparagus with parmesan

Gratin tomatoes

Grilled mixed vegetables

Spinach and potatoes 

Grilled radish with dry fruit and balsamic vinegar

Tortellino with parmesan cream

Tagliatelle with seasonal vegetables, with roasted potato cream

Chicken cotoletta and potato chips

Cut of beef, grilled vegetables